《 Terms of Use》

Ingram gym would request for you to follow the following matter, so that all members are able to use comfortably.

  1. The following members are not allowed to join the gym. In the event any member of the Club falls under any one of the following, such member shall be requested to withdraw from the Club.

    1)Gangsters and all concerned
    2)Person who has made a false declaration at the time of reservation and in the application form.
    3)Person who use illegal drug
    4)Person who destroy discipline
    5)Person who does not follow staff instructions
    6)Person who is judged unfitted by the Ingram gym
    7)Person who are prohibited by their doctors from participating in physical activities

  2. If you cancel the lesson due to the participant’s schedule, you will pay a cancellation fee according to the following contents.

    5 days before reservation day: Free
    4~2 days before reservation day: 25%
    The day before reservation day: 50%
    Reservation day: 100%

    Other: According to Ingram gym’s policy

  3. Participants must follow the instructions of the staff in the gym (all facilities in the gym including accommodation facilities and common areas). Ingram gym is not responsible for any troubles that occur without following the instructions of the staff.

  4. ngram gym prohibits items below.

    1)Telling third party about secret matters and internal circumstances inside the Ingram gym
    2)Negotiation of matches or job placements for players, trainers and other participants, and exchange of contact information.
    3) Coaching other participant
    4)Unauthorized photography, audio and video recording
    5)Sparring between participants
    6)Participating with your shoes on or wearing unsuitable clothes

  5. Please keep your valuables at your responsibility. Ingram gym may not be able to keep or look after your valuables. Ingram gym shall not be responsible for any damages from theft, injury, or other accidents, also Ingram gym regrettably declines your offer to give tips to our employees.

  6. Participants use the equipment carefully and cleanly in the gym, and don’t move and take it outside without permission of gym staff. In the event of damage or loss due to the participant’s negligence, the participant must compensate the gym for repair and replacement costs.

  7. Be careful to disturb other participants, such as noise.

  8. Ingram gym shall not be responsible for any damages relating to personal injuries and/or property damage suffered by member or any third party in connection with the use facility.
    In the event a member causes damage to the Ingram gym or any other third party in connection with the use facility, such member shall immediately assume responsibility for such damages.

  9. There may be changed business days and hours.

  10. The operating company handles all gym arrangements.