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Message from the Chairman & CEO

Offering substantial sports content

We have become Ingram gym’s sponsor since May 2017, but for the further leap of the gym, decided to open a Muay Thai gym as MUAY THAI INGRAM GAME by Housing Plaza Bangkok from February 2020.
While visiting Bangkok, I thought I wanted experience the Thai national sport MuayThai more easily, but on the other hand, realized that there are few gyms which Japanese people could go there easily. After that, I thought if there were gym where everyone could go easily, I would be able to enjoy staying in Thailand more as a tourist, and we could offer Thai people substantial sports content.
We’ll work in a wide range of area with the cooperation of Ingram Sports and We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

Chairman & CEO  Shigeo Cho

Message from representative

Secure environment provided by Japanese people

MuayThai, the national sport of Thailand is popular as a fitness, but I felt anxious about the situation that many instructors coaching wrongly, despite it is the home of MuayThai.
Ingram gym hired instructors with a lot of experience, and we offer you well-appointed practice spaces which is the top class in Bangkok, so that you can participate the class without worry about air pollution by PM2.5
Our gym is for all ages, so I would like you to experience Muaythai which is important culture and national sport that Thailand boasts to the world.

Representative  Hideki Suzuki

Message from general manager

We could open wonderful gym that got help from the historic Ingram sports and many others.
You can experience MuayThai easily and we’ll give a lesson at your level. I hope you to come and visit us.
In addition, we will continue to strive not only for MuayThai, but also for further development in the future for Bangkok, Thailand. 
Thank you.

General Manager  Akira Yamaguchi