We offer a variety of courses from beginner to athlete.
※The fee fluctuates depending on the status of the exchange rate when you pay by local currency.



This is A 90-minute trial class! Rental trunks, towel and water are included in the fee. All levels are welcome. Trial participation fee 4,500yen...

MUAYTHAI TRIAL with parents and children


It is family-friendly activity. We’ll give a lesson at your children’s level. It is perfect for making memories in Bangkok. (※up to the third...

MuayThai lesson course


You can join this course from the second time. ※Must be taken a ” MUAYTHAI TRIAL” lesson. Price 3,000yen(90min)

VIP course


You can take a lesson in a private room. We’ll planning a training menu to suit your request, so please feel free to ask.

Other lesson


Private lesson It is individual MuayThai lesson. First time 8,000yen (90min/ including rental trunks, , towel and water are included in the fee.*) From...